Viking race urban


23.juni kl 17.00
En utfordrende og spektakulær hinderløype.
5 km med ca 40 hindere
For folk i alle form og fasonger.

Fra og med. 12 år

Arrangement på facebook:

The Oseberg ship was discovered over one hundred years ago. This Viking longship was used for a funeral in year 834. To this date, many of the details surrounding this archeological discovery are still shrouded in mystery. One of the mysteries are: what did our ancestors try to tell us through the inscription that was found in the grave – ᛚᛁᛏᛁᛚᚢᛁᛌᛙ – “mankind knows little”?

«Mandkind knows little» is also the premise behind Viking Race. As a participant, you know little when you’re standing at the start line of a Viking Race: You will not know what obstacles to expect, nor the order which obstacles will appear in. Even the coursmap itself is a well kept secret! However, after finishing a Viking Race, mankind knows more.

Viking Race participants (shieldmaidens and berserkers) will have to run, climb, jump, balance and crawl through the course. Every participant will receive a t-shirt, and every finisher will receive a Viking Race medal. The age limit for participation is 12 years.

Viking Race Miðgarðr is a 5 kilometer obstacle race for participants of all athletic levels and abilites, from couch potatos to elite runners.